is vapor smoke harmful – smoking vs vaping

is vapor smoke harmful – smoking vs vaping

is vapor smoke harmful – smoking vs vaping , ordinary cigarette is made of tobacco, tobacco contains nicotine, which is very dangerous for health, mouth cancer, asthma, heart disease, gonorrhea disease, brain stroke, Lung stiffness, coughing, impotence, sterility, muscle weakness, weak vision, all of these diseases can be caused by eating tobacco, but if you start taking it once, it can be very difficult to get rid of Tobacco. Apart from nicotine, there are also arsenic, chromium, and carbon monoxide found in Tobacco, which have specialization for cancer-like illness. Taking tobacco also leads to weakness of the bones and disc problems.

Electronic cigarettes are a modern form of ordinary cigarettes, there is no difference in the ability to bring both the properties and the diseases. Liquid of electronic cigarette contains chemicals such as nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, and some flavorings for flavor are also added chemistry, the market offers many types of e-cigarettes, with nicotine  and without nicotine 

is vapor smoke harmful is vapor smoke harmful

Some educated people believe that e-cigarettes are not harmful, but if one day 100 times a day begins to take the e-cigarette’s puff, is there any loss?

E-cigarettes also endanger the risk of cancer, compared to the regular cigarettes, 10 times the ingredients in the e-cigarette are added, which can cause cancer. Vapor instead of the smoke from the cigarette goes into our body. Vapors contain very dangerous chemicals in our bodies, which have been done on the top. These chemicals go into our body and settle in the lungs.

When the electronic cigarette coil becomes very hot, it releases chemicals by the excessive amount of vapor which damages the heart, liver, kidney, and lungs by sending our body.

If you want to quit cigarettes then e-cigarettes are not right.If you put another bad habit to remove a bad habit, it is not right. In the beginning you were the slave of ordinary cigarettes. Slavery is because of our mind. As we make our minds, we just follow it, if you want to quit cigarettes then there is no difficulty too.

First of all, we should think of why we take  cigarettes, after which we have left this bad habit by controlling the mind. If your mind is not able to control, then you can use yoga and pranayama. You will be able to increase your desire power from pranayama, in a few days you will get out of slavery of cigarette and vaping. And you will feel a new freedom, your life will be filled with happiness

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