does god punish non believers

does god punish non believers


Does God Punish the Atheist – Does God Punish Non believers?

From childhood we are taught that God has the existence, worship him if you do not accept him, then he will punish you. Is this thing true? What does God punish? There are many such religions which have the belief that God will punish the atheist. There are many natural laws in this universe, everyone has their own rules,

One of them is gravity, all of these laws apply to all, regardless of whether they are considered or considered, the famous scientist Newton had discovered the gravitational work, it does not mean that there was no gravity before Newton, apples were falling down Newton did not bring gravity to existence, this is also a fact, and after the discovery of Newton, there is no lack or increase in that law.

After the discovery of Newton, with the help of this law, science has made a lot of development, created many tools that could not be imagined, today we are able to send satellites, rockets, airplanes in space, its credit Newton goes to the discovery. Through this law, we can try to peep into the window of space, reach the moon and Mars and hope for it to reach further and where.

If the people of that time or science had been Newton falsely, then science could have reached this height today. If not rockets in space and neither airplanes.

One thing is that once two deities were one, one says that I do not believe in gravitational and the second says that I believe in gravity. Both of them bet, jump from this tree. The two jumped from the tree. That is not gravity He believed that his leg broke. And you know what happened to him who believed in gravity.His henchains also broke and he also suffered serious injuries.

This is the law of the universe, regardless of whether or not believe it used to do its work, would continue.

Does God punish non believers?

In the same way, our sages and saints were the scientist of the past, who discovered the element of God, and told the people the law of Divinity, told people about the great nature of power, that we do not believe or believe that great nature It does not matter, it has existed and it will always be. God does not punish us even if we do not believe or accept it, but we punish ourselves, do not believe in God. We are bound by his knowledge,

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